wearing lakshmi lipstick (612) and beni durrer make-up in both pictures

as you might remember i spent an awesome weekend with glossybox about a month ago. now after testing all the products for a while, i have to admit that the ones that i was most suspicious about actually impressed me the most! (okay, paul mitchell is out of concurrence because i share a special love for them). But the winners this time are definitely lakshmi  and beni durrer ! i didn’t know both brands before and i’m extremely convinced about their quality.

the lakshmi lipstick has become one of my favs, as well as their eyeliner. but the most i was impressed by beni durrers eyeshadow palette and studio-make-up. the make-up unfortunately is a little too light for my skin, but i use it anyway because it is REALLY GOOD. my skin looks totally photoshoped (and in my world that’s actually a good thing). i am def going to by a darker shade and stock up on those eyeshadows, that i have been using every single day.

also a huge surprised waited for me the other day! the glossybox has made all the way to italy:

SAINT CHARLES COSMETHECARY Soap / COWSHED Hand Cream / SCHWARZKOPF PROFESSIONAL BC Miracle Oil Shampoo / YSL Volume Effect Faux Cils Shocking Mascara / NYX Slim Eye Pencil


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