SEBASTIAN PROFESSIONAL Triliance Shampoo + Conditioner / SENSAI VON KANEBO Cellular Performance Emulsion II / CLAIRINS Gel Nettoyant Eclat du Jour

Another Glossybox arrived last week! This time, I love every product in it. Compared with the last box, where i had products that i can’t really use (such as handcream or the glitter eyebrow pencil) this box really has everything i need for a weekend trip: shampoo, cleansing, care and a hint of make-up. perfect.


wearing lakshmi lipstick (612) and beni durrer make-up in both pictures

as you might remember i spent an awesome weekend with glossybox about a month ago. now after testing all the products for a while, i have to admit that the ones that i was most suspicious about actually impressed me the most! (okay, paul mitchell is out of concurrence because i share a special love for them). But the winners this time are definitely lakshmi  and beni durrer ! i didn’t know both brands before and i’m extremely convinced about their quality.

the lakshmi lipstick has become one of my favs, as well as their eyeliner. but the most i was impressed by beni durrers eyeshadow palette and studio-make-up. the make-up unfortunately is a little too light for my skin, but i use it anyway because it is REALLY GOOD. my skin looks totally photoshoped (and in my world that’s actually a good thing). i am def going to by a darker shade and stock up on those eyeshadows, that i have been using every single day.

also a huge surprised waited for me the other day! the glossybox has made all the way to italy:

SAINT CHARLES COSMETHECARY Soap / COWSHED Hand Cream / SCHWARZKOPF PROFESSIONAL BC Miracle Oil Shampoo / YSL Volume Effect Faux Cils Shocking Mascara / NYX Slim Eye Pencil


up in the air // landing safely in the hotel bed

welcome to the nhow
nhow interior
everything’s pink here!
even more pink….
lovely chi after getting her hair done by paul mitchell // cupcakes by niki’s cakes
color amazingness by beni durrer // more magic tricks by lush
my fav: fresh fruit // an incredbile performance by beka hoop
annie from modeblock trying the lakshmi products (which are amazing, btw!)
getting my hair done by paul mitchell
mini-manicure by beautybird
me having my third (?) glass of wine // the amazing DJ
paul mitchell hair styling // getting back to my room after the treatments
dinner at coledampf’s and companies
at dinner with gorgeous kim lianne // starters, njam!
yummy mushrooms // jules getting some help cooking
cooking // even more cooking
preparing our own dinner!
 nhow by nighttime
super mega crazy tired in my room // all the goodies united
enjoying the sun in berlin // taking a fall walk and simply relaxing

plane back to milan // monday before heading to uni

GUYS. my last few days have been CRAZY. i am not gonna go too much into detail on how much i slept but as you might guess: not much. but it was all worth it! wednesday i flew back to vienna, friday i did an editorial shoot (keep your fingers crossed it will turn out well) and saturday i flew to berlin after having a very hard time packing all my winter stuff for milan.

anyway, me and 20 other bloggers were invited to the nhow in berlin for a day with glossybox. the company invited 7 beauty brands to take part in a huge beauty-party in one of the suites of the hotel. the nhow is a really cool style hotel, even though the room reminded me of a uterus (really pink!)… but hey: what’s cooler than feeling like an unborn again? i did sleep amazing. well back to topic. the brands invited were:

in each corner of the suite we got to test and try the different products, acompanied by an amazing contemporary dance performance and a dj / pianist. of course there was plenty of food, wine… it was simply perfect. ok, i might have had the most wine of all but it was saturday, man! apart from the fact that all the brand-people (how else should i call them?) the brand that impressed me the most was lakshmi. they produce ayurvedic cosmetics like kajals and perfumes produced in germany. the products are so natural and really preserve some kind of well-being (even if it’s hard to imagine that a lipstick could do so! true story.)

to be honest i was a little disappointed by point rouge. the girls were really nice but i didn’t feel like there was any concept behind their presentation. they simply put random products on display, there wasn’t really that much information. but the cupcakes right around the corner made up for it!

after the exciting but also exhausting testing we had a few minutes to change and then headed out for a dinner at coledampf’s and companies which was definitely one of my highlights. not only am i a big fan of the rustic-contemporary interior, also we got to prepare our own dinner! some of the blogger girls decided not to take part in it, which i found a little sad, but me and some other girls gave our best to prepare delicious risotto and ravioli. the staff was super nice and helpful, this place is def worth a visit when you’re in berlin! but at 2 am there was nothing else i could think of except: my bed. thanks to nhow for the amazing good night sleep i had before checking out on sunday and heading to milan.

now i have to go and test all the products, i’ll be back soon with a selection of my top picks and there’s also gonna be a give-away for you! 



aaaaand the jet set goes on. tomorrow i leave for berlin for a huge event hosted by glossybox. so excited for the event, but also for the hotel, which is the nhow chain that i absolutely love (you need to check out the one in milan!). the rooms in their hotel in berlin remind me of barbie’s dream house. so glad i am going there without ken!


 the new glossybox arrived a few days ago. poor mailman rang me out of bed at 7 am and had to see me zombie-like. i think the picture will haunt him in his dreams.
anyway, there box in general is really good, a lot better than the last one. this time it’s called “the sixx edition”, i had no clue what that actually ment. google let me know that “sixx” was a new tv station in austria, but since i don’t own a tv i guess this isn’t really big news to me (yeah right, i don’t own a tv, i only read intellectual books all day!). i don’t think the box design looks nice at all, the color and the font kind of hurt my eyes.
my favs this time were figs & rouge body / lip balm and clinique’s all about eyes. the other products were eucerin sun fluid, gosh beyond real length mascara and l’occitane hand creamclick here to get your very own glossybox.
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