as i told you guys i’d like to share more music with you. i spend hours and hours browsing music blogs and i listen to music every second: on the tram, in the gym, traveling, waking up, eating.. it’s just a huge part of my life. so here’s some suggestions, songs that i just found and can’t stop listening to…. happy sunday, lovelies.


with their home in new york, folding legs was founded in 2009 by katharina from sweden, christopher from austria and gregory from the US. their music is loaded with an incredible energy that’s driven by their love to art, colorful live performances and of course music. katharina does beautiful art pieces for the band and has, along with greg, experience in experimental theatre. they’re currently promo-touring their debutalbum “to make a long story short”, which was produced in cooperation with craig roseberry, who’s been working as a consultant for artists like yoko ono and vanessa daou. their tunes touch my hear, as cheesy as it sounds. there’s so much passion and love behind what they’re doing, which is strongly reflected in their tunes.

folding legs will perform in vienna on august 29th at chelsea. i will be there, hope you too!


do you know those songs, that always feel good? no matter if you’re happy or sad, there are songs that ALWAYS work. well this one always works for me.


alright, i’d like to be a super spontaneous and incredibly crazy person…. which i am not. really. i love making plans and knowing what to do next. on friday i was like: “oh yeah today i’m gonna be so incredibly hardcore, i am going to see a band i’ve never listened to before! wow!” (yeah i am totally nuts! -> insert sarcasm here <-). crazy me went and saw WHOMADEWHO at flex. they were performing for WAVES VIENNA, which sadly ended on sunday. one thing i know now: being spontaneous really pays off. whomadewho are amazing performers, musicians and entertainers! they really give every cell of their bodies while performing and you can tell: they love what they’re doing.
unfortunately not everything that night was as awesome as whomadewho’s performance. there are some really bitter and unhappy people working at flex. not only was the door staff drunk but also the most unprofessional i’ve seen in a long time. flex is one of europe’s best clubs, but their staff acts like they’re freakin gods. the guy at the door wouldn’t let me get back in to get my coat after the gig and another girl screamed at everyone for standing in the entrance area. there’s nothing wrong with giving people information on what the deal is, but acting that emotional and unfriendly is just sad.


wow, wow, wow. yesterday: seriously one of the best nights ever. i had quite high expectations for waves but they were even exceeded. first, we went on a ride with the incredible heineken music train. even though there weren’t too many people when we first got in, we had such a blast. the trains that we ride everyday transformed into a party tram! so cool! and then WHEN SAINTS GO MACHINE at flex…woah. i can’t describe what kind of music they make, it’s just the most unique thing ever. after we went on another ride with the music train and ended up at badeschiff, where we stayed a little, hung out by the water and had some beer. tonight i will go and see CITY AND COLOUR at WUK, which i can not wait for. saturday some more waves action and many more things coming up. stay tuned 🙂
thanks to christian for taking some photos of us!