Leica’s are the ferraris of cameras. One day I will spend a lot of money on a really good Leica… I swear. But until then I have to wait and enjoy other things that the Leica store in Vienna has to offer, such as the flee market! It took place in the courtyard of the Leica shop, which is also the courtyard of Galerie Westlicht, which is probably the best photo gallery in Vienna. They had sooo many really good cameras for incredibly low prices. I do have a shitload of really good and old cameras at home, so I set myself the limit of one. I went for a camera called “Praktica” that was produced in East Germany and used in the DDR. Unfortunately they only had a 135 mm lens, which I don’t like so much, but I’ll see how I like working with it.


Hi, my name is Madeleine Sophie and I am an Etsy addict. I have spent entire evenings browsing through shops, without noticing time just flying. First I wasn’t that much into Etsy, it was hard to find clarity in that whole jungle of shops. But after browsing and browsing I found some shops I really liked and ordered for the first time. I have posted the necklaces I bought here. I was super happy with both. I love Etsy for everything it is: supporting young/talented/local artists, getting very unique pieces and  having a big choice. Here’s a selection of my favorite jewelry shops (just click on the images to check out their sites). I made sure all the shops are affordable for students like me.

Phoenix......Metal Feather like Bib Necklace
Triple bar necklace
la reine necklace (in blush)
Amethyst Point and Brass Cuff
neon yellow geo ring
Hand Printed 'Tiger Stripe III' Braided Bracelet
Sticks 04 . sterling silver twig earrings
Framework Necklace
Iron Oxide -  Carnelian Mounted Within a Recycled Bullet Casing Necklace - Silver Version
Fools Gold Pyrite Crystal Bullet Pendant


My weekend is starting with an awesome friday! After a night out w the girls yesterday I recovered doing a little shopping. I went to a store I’ve been wanting to check out in suuuuch a long time and finally got to go! Its a little jewellery boutique close to the Vienna Graben and called NEW ONE. I heard they had really amazing bracelets which turned out to be so true! They have beautiful more expensive pieces and then really affordable ones too. They’re style is contemporary and so tasteful. Of course I got four bracelets that go perfectly with my new boyfriend watch from ASOS 🙂


Theeeen I developed an old film roll I found in my appartment, turns out the film was over 20 years old! I love the colors, the vintage look. Also I developed a film I took during my stay in Monte Carlo, Monaco. Check them out. Lots of love.




Finally! My boots from Modekungen in Sweden have arrived! So in love with them. Furry and warm. Right in time for the dawn of winter. I’d really rather be staying in my warm cozy bed all day.. It’s been snowing for days and it definitely looks stunningly beautiful…. well, from the inside.

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