from top left: boots TOPSHOP, sweater MONKI, choker & faux leather pants H&M, leather shorts MONKI, knitted cardigan H&M, leather boots
things i’ve been living in recently. what’s missing is my coat, which i couldn’t find online.


and again WE BANDITS visited WUK the past 4 days. i’ve posted so much about them on this blog, but every time their pop up store takes place it’s so exciting for me. i love everything about it: the clothes, the people, the food, the music… it’s just like a big family moving into a big exhibition room for a couple of days. this time i got myself some great items, two of them are already shown in my previous post… oh, and did i mention the amazing cupcakes?


… but slightly too small for me. ordered from modekungen as a 38, but in fact they’re a 37.5. they were 70 € and i am giving them away for 35 € (plus 5 € shipping to Austria, 10 € anywhere else). If you’d like to take care of these amazing babies, send me an e-mail.


finally made it to the backyard store. my company was lovely jana from flutsch-that-was-it who’s my new room mate! two blogging girls in one appartment. wow, a dream becoming true. anyway, the backyard store is located in kirchengasse 18, where common people is located. unfortunately all the “good stuff” was already gone, so we didn’t make any good buys, but since it’s still on until january we might be lucky some other time. still really worth to go and check it out.


sorry for being the lamest blogger ever lately. i have so much to do and so much work on my hands, that my most favorite “job” – blogging – is kind of being set back right now. but there’s a couple of outfit posts coming up, a little preview here. these amazing purchases from h&m are the coolest i’ve bought in a long time. i have waited for these creepers… for so so long.