dragon tattoo

on december 14th the dragon tattoo collection by h&m is finally being released! i have been obsessing over some pieces for weeks and i am so excited to finally get my hands on them. burgundy is becoming my new favorite color and black has always been my favorite. the leather / cotton combos just blow my mind!


nelly order

 1. NOWHERE Caligo Dress
2. Nelly Accessories Choker Necklace
3. Nelly Accessories Clutch
4. Max Factor Black Glitter Polish
5. MINT Wishbone Card Necklace
all via
Come to mummy! Can’t wait for those babies to get to me…


feels like christmas has already happened. a few days ago my nowhere peek shoes arrived, which were a courtesy of nelly.  yesterday sophie gave me this wonderful starfish cuff as a gift from from new york, where she spent a week (i got another beyond amazing gift from her, but more of that later). i’ve been seeing that cuff on blogs everywhere, but never actually found one for myself (i actually found a good one on zouzouvintage here). after obsessing over the perfume for years, a friend of mine got me the narciso rodriguez hair mist, which is beyond great. it makes your hair smell angel like and so soft, feeling like a true princess.

i’m really a lucky girl these days, especially since there will be a new lomo camera in my mail soon

bluhm schwarz

sooo, finally some impressions of bluhm & schwarz’s opening at “mein design”. it was a really wonderful opening, in a great athmosphere. the store hosts several designers and there’s so many great treasures! part of their bluhm & schwarz’s opening was the release of their brand new silk blouses, that match the bags. there was also one that matches my model “monet”, which is incredibly beautiful. eva ebetsberger designed those and she really did a good job. congrats to xenia and matthias, for the amazing work they’re doing!


1.  Forever 21 Leatherette Belted Vest 
2. Deichmann Boots
3. Nowhere Peek Shoes via
Blogging lately has brought so many inspirations, that there were some main items I really needed. I was looking for the H&M leather vest for ages, but I couldn’t find my size and 129 € was also a price I didn’t want to pay. Luckily I found a PU version of it at Forever 21. I am really not a fan of PU, but for a vest I don’t mind, since it’s just a loose fitting item. The one on my collage is the H&M one, but the one from F21 looks the exact same!
Then I found these biker boots on Victoria’s blog, who found it on Sonja’s blog (now that’s what I call domino effect!). You won’t believe it: they’re from Deichmann. I have never been in any of their stores and would have never thought to ever buy shoes there. But I was looking for a cheap biker boot, since I won’t wear my good leather boots out when it’s snowing, since snow and salt on the streets have ruined my shoes every winter.
And last but not least: The Peek Shoes by Nowhere. Elin Kling and the designer Nhu Duong have launched their brand Nowhere and after selling their pieces online via, they have finally released their shoe line! I already saw them in the lookbook and I was waiting impatiently until they were available online.
Now I feel like the coolest kid on the blogger block, haha.