since my mum’s family is originally from kitzbühel in
tyrol, i go skiing quite often. the past years i haven’t had much time and also
my ski equipment is super old. i have been wearing my snowboard pants for
almost 10 years now, my pants are super baggy from the time when i used to be a
fresh skater girl (yes i was!). also when i was younger i always shopped
online at blue-tomato
. back then my
favorite brands were volcom, roxy and so on. i can still remember the day i
bought my first burton beanie! man i was proud. anyway, blue-tomato meanwhile
opened a shop in vienna but i started browsing through their current web
selection. When it comes to ski and snow wear I really like understatement with
a hint of colour. You know that also in “real life” (yeah! The mountains for me
as a city girl are NOT real life, it’s magic!) I don’t dress super colorful and
I like monochromatic looks. On ski stuff I really like different fabrics such
as shiny and matt materials, mixed with a bright colored helmet or gloves. here
are some things i’d love to wear roaring down the slopes. 

jacket O’NEILL
gloves VOLCOM
goggles ANON
backpack BURTON

also the bf and i are thinking of heading to the
mountains for a weekend. We are thinking of either going to kitzbühel where my
granny is, or to courmayeur to a friends house. i used to ski, then in tried snowboarding and now i am back to skiing. the bf really loved to board and i can’t wait to spend our first holiday in the snow together (making sure i am not embarrassing myself crashing in front of him!). anyway, that made me think of cool
things to wear when cuddling up in front of the fireplace at night, all tired
out with rosy red cheeks! also being on a ski holiday you don’t wanna go
grocery shopping with high heels or leather boots – fashionable comfort it is!

hoodie VANS
headphones WESC
pants VANS
watch NIXON (love it so much!)
shoes ROXY


as you know i am on a three months shop stop. let me just break it in the beginning: i cheated. when i went to madrid i had a little shopping spree with some other bloggers and fell in love with a pair of shoes and also a jacket. later my uncle paid them for me, but it’s still cheating i guess.

my conclusion? i have one more month to go, but instead of restraining myself so radically and then falling so deep, i want to adapt my shop stop to nisi’s who said in her 2013 resolutions post that she limits herself to buying 1 piece a monthanyway, i am really happy about the shoes i got for 25 € on the airport in madrid, i have been keeping an eye at them ever since they were in stores a few months ago. 

that’s how i’ll style them as soon as temperatures go a little up:

bag VINTAGE / shirt H&M DIVIDED / shoes ZARA / necklace H&M / pants OYSHO


shoes ZALANDO / hat & watch AMERICAN APPAREL / jewelery NEW ONE & SUBDUED / sweater & bag VINTAGE / gloves H&M 

as you have read in this and this post i got these wonderful boots from zalando last week. they’ve been my all time favorite since then, since they boost my lazy outfits so much.

the lovely people from zalando also are hosting a give-away now, which you can find on their website. it’s connected with their xmas song, which is a pretty hilarious re-interpretation by some of the people working there. you can win 2 x 200 € on the website, it’s super easy. also you can win 50 € here on the blog, by leaving a comment until dec 20th. good luck, ho ho ho!
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