so the past days my mum has been visiting milano and my mum is not only the funniest but also most generous person. she got me plenty of new winter clothes, making up for all the shopping we miss out on not living in the same city. these purchases from COS including two lovely a-line wool skirts, a merino wool jumper and a blouse, are my favs. la mamma is the best!


via oyster

as you might have noticed i am OBSESSED with my pair of nike free’s that i got a few weeks ago. i wear them ALL THE TIME. i have loved new balance and nike air max, but these really are the perfect shoe for anything: they match shorts, trousers, skirts, dresses.

luckily the lovely people from zalando gave me a new pair. i will let you know VERY soon which ones i picked.


sunglasses from furla
shirt, pouch and shorts from nike (shoes from zapateria)

last week my mum and i went to the late night shopping event at designer outlet parndorf about 60km outside of vienna. last time i went there, which was about 6 years ago, i really wasn’t impressed and never went again. this time i gave it another shot, especially since my mum is an addict for furla and some other brands they have there. luckily we were invited to the VIP tent, where we had some drinks, enjoyed the entertainment program and then shopped til we dropped until 11 pm! the only thing that drove me crazy: the traffic. about 50.000 people attended the event and me as the driver almost passed out waiting in line.

anyway, the sale was amazing and i got such good deals. finally got myself my first real pair of sunglasses (always used to have 4€ ones) from furla and some sport apparel from nike (except the shoes, just put them in the photo).


couldn’t decide on which ones to get for a long time. both of these beauties from zalando haunt me in my dreams. finally ordered one pair yesterday… which one do you think it is?

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