I ain’t need nothing else, no-one else but you and I. It ain’t me, it ain’t you, it’s only us, it’s us right now.


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the other day, strolling around milan. today i am flying to vienna, to spend a week full of friends, relaxing and love. can’t wait.


on december 4th i was walking through vienna’s streets, watching the people. everyone was rushing from one shop to another, buying, buying and once more: buying. especially before christmas people go crazy considering consumerism. they buy loads of plastic dump that lands in the trash at some point anyway.

of course, this blog is about fashion i buy and other things strongly connected to materialistic things and consumerism. but i have been thinking a lot about REAL life needs lately and things that make me really happy. and i figured it isn’t buying things. it is BEING rather than OWNING. of course sometimes you need to buy something in order to “be”. like traveling: investing money but then EXPERIENCING something amazing over a longer period of time.

for me i am sick of those quick impulses that give me short-term satisfaction or “happiness”. i am not willed to be fooled by fake desires. if you’re sad a new pair of shoes won’t change it and when you want to reward yourself a shopping tour also isn’t the right reward. REAL needs and desires are different. i remember when i traveled in asia for four months and every day i had amazing experiences, that didn’t cost a cent and that i still live off of.

i started asking myself: what do i REALLY want? what are my real desires? do i really want to spend all my money on stupid clothes all the time? that’s why i have decided to stop shopping for the coming 3 months. i want to invest my money in things that are more important, start trading instead of buying and do more DIY. this is just a start, after i want to buy more consciously. i have loads and loads of clothes at my house, i keep selling so much and i still own shitloads. i want to have a small wardrobe, with a few pieces that i like and that i can wear over and over again. my dreamhouse is small, clean and definitely not crowded with loads of crap. i don’t like the feeling to own masses of things i don’t need. 

you can’t believe how free i already feel. just seeing something i like and knowing “well i can’t buy it anyway, i promised not so shop” is such an incredible feeling of freedom and not feeling any pressure of “should i buy or should i not buy? will i really wear it?”. of course i am in the lucky position of having companies that send me beautiful things and instead of buying more and more i will worship those small things.


lately i’ve been getting quite a few hater comments. as you know i don’t publish offending comments, but i have published comments on a few topics lately since they had a true reason (some of them pretty offending and off topic, some of them more diplomatic). one: me buying a boy london jumper. two: me saying i wanted to shop more aware.

here’s what i have to say: i KNOW that the boy london jumper has a flipped imperial eagle on it. that does NOT make me a anti-semite. this label originated in the punk era, boy london’s first designs included silk-screen prints of a hitler portrait or the swastika. their idea was to provocate and remind people of history. i do not agree that banning symbols means forgetting what has happened. you can not delete history just because you are banning it’s symbols or stop talking about it. this symbol has been around long before the cruelties of national socialism (it originated from greek mythology) and to me true political correctness doesn’t mean not wearing a sweater with an eagle on it but to practice it in life every day with my ACTIONS to OTHERS.

second: i am a blogger and fashion photographer. i work in fashion. i will never be a 100% conscious consumer. the camera i work with was produced in taiwan, the computer i blog with in india. just because i am saying, that i am trying to live more aware, it doesn’t mean that i am going to live like a saint, because i simply can’t. i am still going to buy electronics, that have been produced under horrible circumstances and i am probably more often buy clothes that have had the same history. but i am AWARE of this and i am TRYING what i can. moreover i am talking about it on this blog. to me it’s not “chic” to live conscious, i have studied ethnology and political sciences a few years back out of my OWN desire to change the world. i have been to sudan with the age of 13, traveled in asia for four months with the age of 21. to me there’s no “chic” about the things i have witnessed. rather then doing 0% i am okay with doing 50%. calling this “pseudo social responsibility statements” is just bitter and useless. if every person on this planet would do the 50%, we’d be in a much better place right now. 

i thank everyone on their input to these topics, i am sorry if i have hurt anyones feelings. but taking every word i say with a pinch of salt is not only unfair, since you are hiding behind the “anonymous” (and i am the one showing my face) but also just bitter. i would NEVER waste my time on going through people’s blogs and calling them “hipster” or leaving mean comments. i have no desire to insult or hate.this blog is not a place of war, it’s a place of my own peace. i’ll hope you haters find that peace for yourselves someday, it will change your life.

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