guys! just a quick post, since i am crazy busy today. last night (as some of you might have seen on my facebook page) i landed back in vienna. i will be here for three days and then leave for berlin! today’s actually my graduation ceremony and i am supposed to hold the speech representing the students. jeez, i’m nervous.


skirt & blouse H&M / sweater ZARA

ok this outfit is basically two pieces from the last two outfit posts united. but the MEGA ADDITION is this totes amaze collar, that’s on an h&m trend blouse i got on sale for only 15€. i am so excited, since i am flying to vienna tomorrow and i can pick up some of my wardrobe that i left home. being in milan i have to live off a really selected wardrobe, what a challenge! (#firstworldproblems) anyway, after vienna i am going to berlin for an event hosted by glossybox and next week i’ll fly to munich, which is an invite from stylight. october is the month of jet setting, i love it.


the reason why i haven’t been doing so much on the blog lately is the fact that my masters has started! i don’t have that many classes but i spend a lot of time doing researches, reading and visiting exhibitions. fashion photography is one of the most beautiful disciplines and i am the happiest girl that this will be my job in less than a year. so until then forgive me for being a more lazy blogger than i used to be 

in my hands? the latest edition of GREY MAG.


in my previous post you have already seen the bargain i made last weekend at the fleamarket. i found a brand new pair of etro heels for 600€ 15 € and a céline vintage wool / silk blazer for 40€. this is pretty much the most awesome thing that has happened to me ever.


all from oysho
… i love to dress up comfy x 10000. oysho is my favorite store for comfy homewear like soft cotton dresses, woolen tights or cute slippers. i think time at home should be worshipped and celebrated, that’s my way of doing it.
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