…with Mona. Mona is a french bulldog and I am honestly in love with her. Mona lives with Nick, who’s basically my brother and an amazing artist. So here I am, in Chicago, in a great little studio and I get to hang out with Mona and Nick all day! Also one of my necklaces from Etsy arrived and it’s just beautiful.


my last week

My last week in the states started today. I spent my last day in Indiana driving around, doing some shopping. I got black low cut converse, because my old ones are ready to trash. Also I got a black leather wallet. Tomorrow I am heading to Chicago, where I will spent my last couple of days before flying home and squeezing a day in Amsterdam in between 🙂 Besides photos from my newest purchases here’s also a very short video I took at Glowfest when Pretty Lights were performing. Just wanted to show you how great their light show was!

out of the blue

Since blue is the color of the Indiana Pacers and I am all pumped for the game in a few hours I am dedicating this post to them 🙂 These are some great little wallets I got yesterday and my amaaaazing Essie nail polish. Go Pacers!


I have always been obsessed with the beige and black combination. It looks so natural but accentuated to me! What I’ve also been obsessed lately are those rings I got. They’re both vintage pieces, so they were super cheap. I’d love to get the YSL arty ring, but for now I am good with the less expensive versions 🙂

So yesterday I was a soccer mum, driving around three kids in a van, getting ice cream and fooling around. I love it. Today I’ll drive the big van again, shop around Zionsville, but mainly relax with my “family” here.
RINGS vintage

Indianapolis for a day

The Indianapolis Museum Of Art is probably one of the best in the Nation. It houses over 50.000 pieces of art, its incredible! There’s gardens around it and the Lilly House. What’s your favorite museum?
So I am leaving Indy today, I will miss the city, but I am ready for a new adventure 🙂 Last night I saw the grammy award winning pianist Danilo Perez at the Jazz Kitchen which was really cool.cHere’s just some shots from my last day… Breakfast at Café Patachou, Beer tasting at Rock Bottom and simply walking around with Christian. Super cold, windy, but enjoyable!