So I am enjoying american college life, especially now that it’s “Little 5” week, one of the biggest party weeks. Some of you might know the “Indy 500”, which is this race taking place in Indianapolis every year. Well here at IU, they have a bike race and the whole week until the mens race on saturday, which has been taking place for a couple of centuries now, is a prep week with big parties going on. So on friday we went and saw the womens race, which was pretty cool. We had great lunch before that, I tried sweet potato fries for the first time and fell in love with them! At night we went to Tallent, the best restaurant in Bloomington and had a great dinner, well actually just appetizers and some wine, since we didn’t win the lottery 🙂

Aaaalso I did some shopping at Urban Outfitters! They’re store in Bloomington isn’t that cool, but I got some sweet jewellery, a lumberjack shirt on sale for only 9$ and second hand levis shorts for only 28$! Yee-ha!


So I got to Bloomington, the university town. Even though my trip was awful and I got here really sick, my day has been amazing. After I woke up from being a sick zombie we went for lunch and started getting ready for glowfest right after that. A real american college experience! At glowfest I saw the last bit of Chiddy Bang and then Pretty Lights, which was really impressive!

my last day – yummy!

My last proper day in Vienna was wonderful. Went for lunch to Köstlich, an organic vegan/vegetarian lunch place in Färbergasse. They have great lunch menus and salads. I had the chick pea salad with avocado, sesame and the best dressing ever. Sophie went for a curry, that was delicious too. At night I went to Yohm and had the best dinner in a long time. Soft crab roll for starters, tiger prawn as inbetween course, fish curry as a main dish and the BEST chocolate cake ever and souffle for dessert. After we went to Nightflys, a really cool, old fashioned bar by Graben. I had my first Hendricks Gin Tonic and felt like a real grown-up (which I am not, haha)! The bar tender told me everything about liquors, its really a science itself. So now I am trying to get organized before leaving tomorrow morning! Any suggestions what to see in Chicago?


Two more days and I leave… WOW. I hope I’ll be able to wear those new purchases from H&M Trend, because they’re super comfortable and simply beautiful. I love the nude colors and the fabrics. Suede short with a silky top… Love it.
H&M TREND blouse and suede shorts
NEW ONE bracelet