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come to mama! i REALLY can’t wait for the mail man to get those babies to my house. now with work i don’t have that much time to shop so internet shopping has become more of my thing. i normally hate shopping online, but hey: you gotta go what you gotta do. (old man voice)


S stands for SUPERB or SNAKE. i got these superb snake pumps at zara’s sale. only 29 € for a load of coolness on my feet.can’t wait to wear them to the office. sssssssssssweet!


you might have seen this blazer and bag on my facebook fan page lately… A LOT. i’ve found the blazer at h&m and the satchel at zara. apart from the fact that i’ve decided to buy more eco friendly products (there’s a post on fair brands coming soon!), these were purchases i had to make. the blazer just goes perfect with my dark skin and the satchel is the perfect size (it can fit anything i need AND my SLR).
by the way: have you noticed my new layout? i needed something clean but not as clean as my previous one. too much black makes me sad. boo-hoo!

new stuff

today’s the day. my interview! please keep your fingers crossed. in my nervousness i got these two-tone heels at zara. i’ve been seeing them all over blogs and when i heard they were on sale for 29 € there really was no reason not to get them. also i got this wonderful nail polish, lasts forever and has that dark red color that i’ve been looking for.
alright lovelies, have a great day. i’ll tell you how it went in a little bit!

spooky stuff

necklace FOREVER 21 / shirt ZARA

these two spooky, moving beauties have made the way to my closet! i fell in love with that necklace when i saw it on this amazing blog. i got the shirt at zara’s sale, in the last crappy corner of the store (that looked like a group of wild chimpanzees had attacked it).
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