as you know i LOVE red lipstick. i have had a lot of red lipsticks but never have been really satisfied. this summer manhattan sent me a lipstick that i fell in love with. the perfect creamy & care (45F) was THE perfect red lipstick for me, because it lasts forever and also gives a lot of moisture. you can imagine how sad i was when i lost that lipstick and realized i couldn’t buy it anywhere.

anyway, the other day i came back home and there it was: an envelope with a brand new perfect creamy & care in the right color. i couldn’t believe it, i was so happy to be reunited with my steady companion. thanks manhattan for this wonderful surprise!


manche frauen stehen auf perfektes make-up, ich stehe auf perfektes haar. seit nun fast 10 jahren glätte ich meine haare täglich und ich habe auch nicht vor meiner sucht zu entsagen. nachdem mir bereits das 2. glätteisen von remington innerhalb kürzester zeit in die brüche ging (nie wieder remington!), war ich umso glücklicher also mir das GHD christkind einen metallic styler zukommen ließ. der traum eines jeden haarglätt-junkies. das teil lässt sich easy bedienen, schont die haare total und tut was es tun muss: perfekt glattes und glänzendes haar verleihen. 10 punkte. danke, ghd!

english: after my second remington hair straightener broke (never buying remington again!) i was really lucky to get the ghd metallic styler for christmas. it’s seriously just divine, my hair is super silky, straight and shiny. 10 points for ghd! thanks!



SEBASTIAN PROFESSIONAL Triliance Shampoo + Conditioner / SENSAI VON KANEBO Cellular Performance Emulsion II / CLAIRINS Gel Nettoyant Eclat du Jour

Another Glossybox arrived last week! This time, I love every product in it. Compared with the last box, where i had products that i can’t really use (such as handcream or the glitter eyebrow pencil) this box really has everything i need for a weekend trip: shampoo, cleansing, care and a hint of make-up. perfect.


wearing lakshmi lipstick (612) and beni durrer make-up in both pictures

as you might remember i spent an awesome weekend with glossybox about a month ago. now after testing all the products for a while, i have to admit that the ones that i was most suspicious about actually impressed me the most! (okay, paul mitchell is out of concurrence because i share a special love for them). But the winners this time are definitely lakshmi  and beni durrer ! i didn’t know both brands before and i’m extremely convinced about their quality.

the lakshmi lipstick has become one of my favs, as well as their eyeliner. but the most i was impressed by beni durrers eyeshadow palette and studio-make-up. the make-up unfortunately is a little too light for my skin, but i use it anyway because it is REALLY GOOD. my skin looks totally photoshoped (and in my world that’s actually a good thing). i am def going to by a darker shade and stock up on those eyeshadows, that i have been using every single day.

also a huge surprised waited for me the other day! the glossybox has made all the way to italy:

SAINT CHARLES COSMETHECARY Soap / COWSHED Hand Cream / SCHWARZKOPF PROFESSIONAL BC Miracle Oil Shampoo / YSL Volume Effect Faux Cils Shocking Mascara / NYX Slim Eye Pencil


on saturday me and my friends luisa and georg decided to have the best beauty day of all time. maybe the pouring rain in milan wasn’t exactly what we were going for, but the beauty treatments were definitely a huge success. we first went to bluette milano, an aveda salon. i really love their products! the haircut i got was okay, since i didn’t want anything exciting. not the best ever, but definitely not bad!
 after our hair treatment we headed over to garrarufa milano, a brand new spa in milan, that focuses on the fish therapy. i have never actually tried the therapy before and was quite curious how it works. the spa itself is absolutely stunning, the interior is just wonderful. we enjoyed the little fish destroying all the old skin on our feet while having a cup of prosecco and some snacks. my feet were SO soft after, i can’t even describe it. i even thought to dedicate an own blog to my feet at that moment. the therapy is amazing, even though it gives some people creeps first, it really is super effective and also quite funny.
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